Partnerships and Clients

Our Partners


  • Zimkitha Gebeda - Founder
    “I find the work that Lucha is doing imperative. Most service providers within the youth space are keen to collaborate, come up with innovative ways of thinking and do new things, but it’s easy to just get bogged down with the day-to-day of whatever you're working on. Its comforting to know that they (Lucha) are pushing conversations that bring us out of the dayto-day and into a space where we can rethink youth development differently, together.”
    Zimkitha Gebeda - Founder
    Skills Empire
  • Laura Bergh - Chief Enabler
    “We urgently need organisations such as Lucha Lunako to listen and explore the realities of our youth, to co-create a journey that helps to build identity and self-awareness, self-confidence, and an understanding of the role youth will play in their families. Lucha Lunako is well placed and resourced by passionate and courageous people who will assist youth to build their lives in this extraordinary time that we live in.”
    Laura Bergh - Chief Enabler
    The Greenlight Office
  • Simnikiwe Xanga - Youth Development Team
    “I’m such a fan of the work that Lucha Lunako does. The 2020 report captured me….it captured the essence of a holistic youth development approach to society’s needs. In a context like South Africa, we are because of others “I have it” and “We all have It.”
    Simnikiwe Xanga - Youth Development Team
    Bertha Centre